03 Nov

Integrated Child Service Consult (ICSC) launched the Refugee Assistance Project (RAP2) in the Terego District, specifically within the Imvepi Refugee Settlement. The project aimed to address the pressing mental health and psychosocial needs of refugees while also bolstering the local capacity to provide efficient support.

RAP2's core objectives centered around providing psychosocial support training for 753 refugees within the Imvepi Refugee Settlement. These training sessions were meticulously designed to address the emotional and psychological well-being of the refugee population, equipping them with coping mechanisms and skills to navigate the challenges of displacement and adaptation to their new environment.

Moreover, a pivotal component of RAP2 was the execution of a comprehensive training of trainers (TOT) program. This initiative focused on building the expertise of project staff within the settlement. By conducting this training, ICSC aimed to enhance the skills and knowledge of local staff members, empowering them to effectively support the mental health and psychosocial needs of the refugee community in a sustainable and self-reliant manner.

The TOT program was carefully tailored to impart specialized skills, techniques, and knowledge essential for addressing the diverse range of psychological challenges encountered by refugees. 

Through this, the project sought to ensure that local staff not only addressed immediate concerns but also developed the capability to continue providing crucial support in the long term.

ICSC's approach was holistic and community-centric, recognizing the significance of empowering the local workforce to foster a supportive environment within the settlement. By investing in the capacity-building of the local staff, the project aspired to create a self-sustaining system of care and support for the mental health and psychosocial needs of the refugee population in the long run.

The Refugee Assistance Project (RAP2) by the Integrated Child Service Consult in Terego District was a pivotal initiative dedicated to addressing the critical mental health and psychosocial needs of refugees. Through targeted training programs for both refugees and local project staff, ICSC aimed to create a sustainable support system that would continue to benefit the community long after the project's conclusion.

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