03 Nov

Project Overview: 

Integrated Child Service Consult spearheaded the "Enabling Gender-Sensitive Restoration of Livelihood Capacities Project," a transformative initiative conducted in the Terego District's Imvepi Refugee Settlement from June 2021 to February 2023. In collaboration with the Children's Rights and Violence Prevention Fund (CRVP).


The primary focus of the project was to restore the livelihood capacities of 400 refugee youth, encompassing both young women and men within the Imvepi Refugee Settlement. The central aim was to empower and equip these participants with vocational skills, entrepreneurship training, and improved access to resources, thereby fostering economic independence and enhancing their social well-being.

Target Audience: 

The project specifically catered to 400 refugee youth, acknowledging the importance of gender inclusivity and recognizing the particular challenges faced by young women and men in the settlement. By addressing the specific needs of both genders, the project sought to create a more balanced and equitable approach to restoring livelihoods and empowering the community.


Integrated Child Service Consult implemented a multifaceted strategy. The project offered a comprehensive array of vocational skills training, encompassing various trades and crafts. Participants received entrepreneurship training, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to initiate and sustain their businesses. Additionally, the project facilitated improved access to resources, including but not limited to financial resources, networks, and support systems.

Outcome and Impact:

The successful execution of this project resulted in tangible and sustainable outcomes. Participants gained vital skills crucial for income generation and economic self-sufficiency. Furthermore, the project fostered a sense of empowerment, allowing individuals to contribute meaningfully to their community and enhancing their social and economic well-being. By engaging both young women and men, the initiative contributed to a more inclusive and diverse approach to restoring livelihoods within the settlement.

The "Enabling Gender-Sensitive Restoration of Livelihood Capacities Project" by Integrated Child Service Consult, in partnership with CRVP, stands as a testament to the transformative power of empowering youth in refugee settlements. 

By providing crucial skills, knowledge, and resources, the project facilitated a pathway towards self-sustainability and independence for the 400 participants, enabling them to shape their futures and contribute meaningfully to their community.

This project not only restored livelihood capacities but also instilled hope and a sense of purpose, underscoring the importance of gender sensitivity in crafting sustainable solutions for refugee communities. Integrated Child Service Consult remains committed to fostering similar impactful initiatives in the future, aiming for continued positive change and empowerment within such vulnerable populations.

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