05 Feb

The Foundation for Learning Project in Arua City/Arua District in 2023 was a substantial project initiative implemented by Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) in Arua City as of 2023. This project was made possible through a partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation and spanned from February to June 2023. It targeted 25 primary schools in the area with the objective of improving the quality of education and enhancing the learning outcomes for children.

The project encompassed various activities aimed at achieving its goals. These included:

Capacity Building for Teachers: This likely involved training sessions, workshops, or programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of teachers, empowering them to deliver better education to their students.

Provision of Educational Materials: The project most probably included the distribution of essential educational materials such as books, stationery, educational aids, and technological resources, ensuring that the schools had the necessary tools to facilitate better learning.

Infrastructure Development: Infrastructure improvement is crucial for providing a conducive learning environment. This could involve constructing new facilities, renovating existing ones, or enhancing the overall physical infrastructure of the schools involved.

The collective impact of these initiatives was to positively influence the education system in the region, aiming to uplift the quality of education and, consequently, the academic performance and learning experience of the children in those 25 primary schools.

It would be beneficial to conduct an evaluation or follow-up after the project's completion to gauge its effectiveness, measure the impact on learning outcomes, and understand the sustainability of the improvements made in the education sector within the area.

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