Protection as a Thematic Approach

Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) is an organization dedicated to the holistic empowerment of children, youth, and women, primarily focusing on various thematic areas, including Protection. 

In its pursuit of fostering a safe and secure environment for the vulnerable, ICS implements a comprehensive approach, emphasizing protection through various initiatives and strategies.

  1. Objectives and Focus:

    • ICS is committed to preventing and responding to issues such as child abuse, neglect, violence, exploitation, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), and related concerns within communities.
    • The organization specifically targets vulnerable groups, including children under 18, school-going children, smallholder farmers, women groups, adolescent girls, and young women. It caters to both refugees and host communities in urban and rural settings.
  2. Approach:

    • Human Rights-Based Approach: ICS bases its interventions on a human rights perspective, aligning its strategies with various international conventions and national development frameworks, ensuring that the rights of children, youth, and women are at the core of its initiatives.
    • Participatory Integrated Development: The organization employs the Vision Participatory Awakening Process (ViPAP) model. This involves harnessing community insights, fostering local innovation, and empowering communities to identify and address their own challenges.
  3. Implemented Protection Initiatives:

    • Training and Capacity Building: ICS conducts various training programs focused on building the capacity of different groups, such as caregivers, community leaders, youth, and foster parents. These sessions cover conflict transformation, trauma healing, child protection guidelines, and psychosocial support.
    • Projects and Interventions: ICS implements projects tailored to different contexts. For instance, the organization has ongoing programs like the Foundation for Learning in primary schools, gender-sensitive livelihood restoration in refugee settlements, and amplifying the voices of women market vendors to address socio-economic injustice.
    • Psychosocial Support and Mentorship: The organization extends psychosocial support initiatives, both for refugees and juveniles in remand homes. Additionally, it provides mentorship programs to facilitate behavioral change and practical skills training.
  4. Collaborations and Professional Networks:

    • ICS collaborates with various entities, including local governments, dioceses, international foundations, and civil society networks, maximizing its outreach and impact.
    • As a member of professional networks and associations, the organization participates in collective efforts towards sustainable development and social change.
  5. Ethical Values and Principles:

    • ICS upholds values such as integrity, accountability, human dignity, and partnerships based on mutual trust, ensuring that their interventions are ethically sound and respectful.
  6. Experience and Funding Sources:

    • The organization showcases a track record of collaborations with diverse partners, including local governments, international foundations, and civil society networks, utilizing various funding sources to execute its projects and initiatives.

In summary, Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) stands as a beacon of support for the protection of vulnerable groups, employing a rights-based, participatory approach to empower communities and address diverse challenges related to child protection, SGBV, and socio-economic injustices faced by women and youth in both rural and urban settings.