Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS): Empowering Children, Youth, and Women


Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) is a women-led organization based in Arua, Uganda, with a commitment to empowering children, youth, and women in both development and humanitarian contexts. Founded in 2018, ICS is dedicated to promoting socioeconomic transformation, child protection, education, psychosocial support, peace-building, and economic empowerment in urban and rural communities. This organization operates under a set of ethical values and principles that emphasize partnership, participation, integrity, accountability, and human dignity.

Thematic Approach - Livelihood Intervention: 

One of ICS's key thematic areas of intervention is livelihood development, aimed at enhancing the economic well-being of its target groups, including smallholder farmers, agro-enterprises, women groups, adolescent girls, and young women. Here's an overview of ICS's approach to livelihood development:

  1. Participatory Integrated Development (PICD): ICS adopts a participatory integrated development approach, guided by the Vision Participatory Awakening Process (ViPAP) model. This model focuses on empowering communities to take charge of their development by harnessing their ideas, innovations, and investments. It recognizes that communities are best placed to identify and address their challenges and constraints.
  2. Community Capacity Building: ICS invests in building the capacity of communities by facilitating attitude change, self-reliance, visioning, strategic action planning, and fulfillment strategies. The goal is to create an all-inclusive development process where communities actively contribute to and lead the transformation.
  3. Demand-Driven Development: ICS believes that development should be demand-driven. This means that the communities they work with have a say in identifying their needs and priorities. By focusing on the needs expressed by the communities, ICS ensures that its interventions are relevant and effective.
  4. Economic Empowerment: ICS recognizes the vital role of economic empowerment in improving the well-being of vulnerable groups, including women. By providing training, resources, and support for income-generating activities, ICS helps individuals and groups gain financial independence and improve their quality of life.
  5. Addressing Constraints and Vulnerabilities: ICS understands that communities often have untapped resources and potential but face constraints and vulnerabilities. The organization's approach involves identifying and addressing these barriers to unlock community potentials.

Past Experiences and Partnerships: ICS has a track record of collaborating with various stakeholders and implementing successful projects. They have partnered with organizations such as Aga Khan Foundation, Children's Right and Violence Prevention Fund, Compassion International, and more. Some of their notable projects include:

  • Foundation for Learning: Supporting primary schools in Arua City and District with a focus on improving education for children
  • Enabling Gender-Sensitive Restoration of Livelihood Capacities: Empowering refugee youth, young women, and men in Imvepi Refugee Settlement to restore their livelihoods
  • Strengthening Institutional Capacity: Providing mentorship and skills training to juveniles in Arua Regional Remand Home

Conclusion: Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) is a dynamic and principled organization committed to empowering children, youth, and women in Uganda. Their livelihood-focused approach, guided by the principles of community participation, demand-driven development, and addressing constraints, reflects their dedication to sustainable socioeconomic transformation. With a proven track record and partnerships with various stakeholders, ICS continues to make a positive impact in the lives of those they serve.