02 Nov

In October 2022, Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) identified the Sky Zone Group as an exceptional beneficiary group within Imvepi Settlement, Zone 3, and Village 9 Block A in Terego district.

With an innovative approach, the group utilized a 4 million evolving grant to purchase a milling machine, leveraging their agricultural background to add value to cereal crops cultivated both collectively and individually.

The establishment of the milling plant not only showcased the group's commitment but also served as a catalyst for multiple business models. This venture extended its benefits beyond the group members, offering cost-effective milling services to the community, amplifying the value addition to cereal crops.
Economic Progress and Community Impact:

With such stories a changing agent for a transformative community, Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) continues to witness remarkable transformations in the lives of beneficiary groups, such as the extraordinary journey of the Sky Zone Group in Imvepi Settlement, Zone 3, Village 9, Block A in the Terego district. 

Mr. Juma, Group Chairperson Poses with the Ledger Book Showing Sales Record

With a visionary approach and the aid of a 4 million grant in October 2022, the group embarked on a journey that not only uplifted its members but also brought about positive change in the entire community.

Focusing on their agricultural background, the group made a crucial decision to invest the grant in a milling machine, a move aimed at adding value to the cereal crops they cultivated collectively and individually. This decision not only provided the group with an avenue for sustainable economic growth but also offered the community affordable milling services, thereby creating a ripple of positive impact.

The milling plant, powered by the group's dedication and hard work, has become a hub for community members, offering them the opportunity for value addition to their agricultural produce at reasonable rates. 

Through the generated profits and savings, the group extended financial access to its members, enabling them to access loans for initiating their own ventures, thereby catalyzing individual economic growth within the community.

Mrs. Akite Joyce, a Group member, Now sells Mukene, Having picked up a loan

One inspiring narrative emerging from this success is the story of Juma Robert, the group's chairperson. Leveraging the group's financial resources, Juma kickstarted a shop and established a goat and sheep rearing project. 

The impact was profound as Juma's livelihood significantly improved, enabling him to provide for his family and afford his children's education, a testament to the sustainable change initiated by the group's endeavors.

The once 4 million revolving fund has now transcended into a lifeline for the members and the community of Zone 3, Village 9, Block A of Imvepi Settlement. The milling plant has evolved to generate an average income of 100,000 Ugandan Shillings on good business days, serving as both a success story and a cornerstone of positive impact for the entire community.

Sky Zone Group Members Pose With Smiles

ICS proudly celebrates the remarkable strides and transformative impact of the Sky Zone Group, epitomizing the spirit of community empowerment and sustainable development. 

This success story is a testament to the power of collective action, resourcefulness, and the impact of strategic investments in grassroots initiatives.

The commitment and resilience of the Sky Zone Group serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration, illustrating the potential for community-driven initiatives to create enduring and impactful change.

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