Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) - Education As a Thematic Approach


Integrated Child Service Consult (ICS) is a women-led organization committed to empowering children, youth, and women in Uganda. Founded in 2018, ICS is dedicated to implementing socioeconomic transformation activities and projects in the context of both development and humanitarian aid. One of the critical thematic approaches that ICS focuses on is education. This writeup provides an overview of ICS's intervention in education, highlighting their goals, activities, and partnerships in this crucial area.

Vision and Mission:

ICS envisions a world where children, youth, and women meet their social and economic needs. To achieve this, they have made it their mission to work toward the holistic development and empowerment of these target groups through various initiatives, including education.

Education as a Thematic Approach: 

Education is a fundamental pillar of ICS's work, and they recognize the importance of providing quality education to children and youth. Their educational initiatives aim to improve access to, quality of, and participation in education, with a particular focus on vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Activities and Projects: 

In recent years, ICS has been actively involved in various educational projects and activities:

  1. Foundation for Learning: ICS is implementing the "Foundation for Learning" project in 25 primary schools in Arua City and District. This project, with support from the Aga Khan Foundation, focuses on enhancing the quality of education and ensuring that children have the necessary resources to excel.

  2. Enabling Gender-Sensitive Restoration of Livelihood Capacities: In Terego District's Imvepi Refugee Settlement, ICS is working to empower 400 refugee youth, young women, and men by providing them with the tools and skills needed to rebuild their lives. This project is funded by the Children's Right and Violence Prevention Fund (CRVP).

  3. Amplifying Voices of Women Market Vendors: ICS is championing socio-economic justice in Arua City by amplifying the voices of 400 women market vendors. This initiative, in collaboration with the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa, aims to address gender disparities in economic opportunities.

  4. Training and Capacity Building: ICS conducts various training sessions, such as those focused on conflict transformation, conflict analysis, non-violence, mediation, and trauma healing. These trainings are provided to community leaders, caregivers, and youth group members, contributing to a safer and more inclusive learning environment.

  5. Early Childhood Development (ECD): ICS is actively involved in training caregivers and Center Management Committees on guidelines for Early Childhood Development Centers and Child Protection. This initiative supports the well-being and development of young children.

Partnerships: ICS values collaborative efforts and actively engages with a range of partners, including local governments, dioceses, international foundations, and civil society networks. Their collaborations with organizations like the Aga Khan Foundation, Children's Rights and Violence Prevention Fund, and Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa have allowed them to implement impactful educational projects.

Conclusion: Integrated Child Service Consult is committed to promoting education as a means of empowerment and transformation for children and youth. Their various projects and initiatives in the field of education demonstrate their dedication to improving access, quality, and participation in education, particularly for vulnerable and marginalized groups. Through their partnerships and ethical values, ICS plays a vital role in fostering positive change in the communities they serve.